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Hi I’m Jill Bunny, 4x IFBB Bikini Champion, owner & coach for the top women’s competition team #teambunny and creator of the Ultimate Ab Workout Program. This is a custom program that I personally developed and used get my abs in top shape to win countless competitions & land international magazine covers! This program utilizes my BEST tools and practices to build the best set of abs you will EVER have in just 4 weeks! Are you ready to transform your abs? Read on!

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" Being part of Team Bunny means having supportive women by our side, who inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. It has been a journey of discovery, not only through my fitness goals but also in my personal growth. Jill and the Team Bunny family is incredible"


" Being apart of Team Bunny has helped me with my self confidence and being held accountable for my own success. Bunny Jill has been there for me every step of the way and I know that is why I followed through. Reading what the other bunnies go through surely adds knowledge to your journey"


" Team bunny has become more than just a diet or meal plan to me but has meshed with my way of life so perfectly that it did not feel like I was restricting or missing out on anything. with balance, clear communication, and open arms, jill made this one of my greatest experiences that I did for comp and life after "


" It is great to know that even though I am a super busy bunny, I can still follow my plan and have a whole team who supports me and has my back along the way "


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The “Ultimate Ab Workout” is an in-depth transformation program to tone and shape your waist line. It is packed with daily workouts (for both the gym and at home) to be completed in conjunction with a mapped out diet plan. This program will change the way you train your abs for LIFE!

  • - Targeting and teaching your ab muscles to “fire” and do the work, instead of other muscle groups.
  • - Creating a daily structured workout so there is no guessing on what workout routine you should do next
  • - Utilizing weekly progressions so that you do not plateau.
  • - Employing workouts that target ALL areas of the abdominals!
  • - Creating a positive mindset that will continue to grow long after the program.

  • By the end of the 28 days, your abdominals will learn the foundational exercises, and recruited new muscle fibers to build the washboard stomach you have always dreamed of. Many athletes see results and experience amazing changes in just the first few weeks of the program.

    What’s the best part? You can start regardless of your fitness level, what you are training for, or what equipment you have!! This program has been completed by IFBB Pro’s, regular gym goers, and stay-at-home mom’s! What’s more, The Ultimate Ab Workout has unlimited re-do value. All of the workouts are designed to be timeless. This means you can do the program no matter what gym you go to (because of the minimal equipment), and it will hel you gain a new physique each time. No gym or equipment? Not a problem, the at home version has no additional equipment.

    The Ultimate Ab Workout comes with the following to help you during your program:

  • - In-depth program that will guide you through each exercise, every step of the way.
  • - Detailed diet plan to aid in results.
  • - Daily workouts with pictures and a full description of each exercise.
  • - Full at-home and gym-based programs.
  • - Daily schedules.
  • - Tips and tricks.
  • - And much, much more!
  • - Beginner to advanced level training
  • - Women who want to target the abdominal area
  • - Both at-home and gym users
  • - Women who see the value of approaching training in a structured manner
  • - Women who see the merit of having a specific ab training program, designed by an experienced & qualified coach and IFBB Champion
  • - Women who want to work with proven concepts that have helped many women transform, lose weight and WIN competitions.
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ALL for just $29.99! (+HST) That’s less than $1 a workout! Through this self-guided program, you will get access to the same exercises that I did to win 4 IFBB championships!


Fit Bunnies

Frequently Asked Questions

All exercises have been made to accommodate 90% of gyms. Should you not have the adequate equipment, we can always offer a modified exercise! Just reach out on our Instagram page @fitbunnyjill
As The Ultimate Ab Workout is a digital product that you download and get to keep on your computer right after purchase, there is neither a refund nor a money-back guarantee. As someone who has been in the industry as a coach and an athlete for over 15 years, I'm here to deliver a high quality program that will change the way you train for life. I recommend that you read the detailed info above before purchasing.
Check out my contact page where you can always e-mail our staff for any other questions that you might have.
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