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Jill Bunny is a four-time IFBB International title holder, including multiple championship wins at Arnold and Olympia competitions. She is the only 5’11” athlete in history to win those titles. She defined the sport with her world-class physique, stage presence, and knowledge of the human body.
When you’re a new bikini competitor, or even if you’re just thinking about entering a fitness competition, you need this book to give you an insider’s view of what it takes to succeed on the stage. With Jill Bunny’s advice, you will go from an amateur newbie to a full-fledged pro by learning techniques that she perfected on her competition journey.

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" Being part of Team Bunny means having supportive women by our side, who inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. It has been a journey of discovery, not only through my fitness goals but also in my personal growth. Jill and the Team Bunny family is incredible"


" Being apart of Team Bunny has helped me with my self confidence and being held accountable for my own success. Bunny Jill has been there for me every step of the way and I know that is why I followed through. Reading what the other bunnies go through surely adds knowledge to your journey"


" Team bunny has become more than just a diet or meal plan to me but has meshed with my way of life so perfectly that it did not feel like I was restricting or missing out on anything. with balance, clear communication, and open arms, jill made this one of my greatest experiences that I did for comp and life after "


" It is great to know that even though I am a super busy bunny, I can still follow my plan and have a whole team who supports me and has my back along the way "


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You’ll learn from my top personal secrets in this amazing, straight-talking book to help make your journey the best it can be. With this book, you will learn:

  • How to select a coach and trainer
  • What you do - and don’t - need to spend for your competition budget
  • The keys to great aesthetics without breaking the bank
  • How to choose the perfect competition suit
  • How to find sponsors, and how to choose the best deal for you
  • Secrets to getting and keeping your competition tan
  • How to manage pre- and post-competition stress
  • Coaches and trainers will design the details of your training program, but only an experienced bikini champion can give you the big picture perspective on how to compete - and win - on the stage

    • - Athletes planning to compete in the near future
    • - Athletes currently competing
    • - Coaches looking to gain more information
    • - General public wanting to learn more about the sport
    • - Supportive partners and friends
    • - Athletes who see the merit of learning from an experienced & qualified coach and 4x IFBB Champion
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    ALL for just $9.99! (+HST) Through this self-guided program, you will get access to the same information that I used to win my IFBB titles.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As Amateur to Pro is a digital e-book that you download and get to keep on your computer right after purchase, there is no refund or money-back guarantee. As someone who has been in the industry as a coach and athlete for over 15 years, I'm here to deliver a high quality ebook that will change the way you transition from competing.
    Check out my contact page where you can always e-mail any other questions that you might have.
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