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7 Day Skin Glow Challenge

A Natural Approach

To Skin Problems

"Learn the science behind skin care & the solutions to glowing skin."

  Is your skin health declining? Are you ready to “break up” with the way you deal with unruly skin & save money on products once and for all? Read On!

Developed by certified aesthetician and coach Jill Bunny, The Skin Glow Guide™ is a powerful science based program that addresses the root causes of skin issues, so that you can have youthful glowing skin that radiates from the inside.

Whether you are suffering from acne, eczema, rosacea, chronic dry itchy or oily skin, wrinkles or dark under eye circles, this program will be the long-term solution you have been searching for!


" Being part of Team Bunny means having supportive women by our side, who inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. It has been a journey of discovery, not only through my fitness goals but also in my personal growth. Jill and the Team Bunny family is incredible"


" Being apart of Team Bunny has helped me with my self confidence and being held accountable for my own success. Bunny Jill has been there for me every step of the way and I know that is why I followed through. Reading what the other bunnies go through surely adds knowledge to your journey"


" Team bunny has become more than just a diet or meal plan to me but has meshed with my way of life so perfectly that it did not feel like I was restricting or missing out on anything. with balance, clear communication, and open arms, jill made this one of my greatest experiences that I did for comp and life after "


" It is great to know that even though I am a super busy bunny, I can still follow my plan and have a whole team who supports me and has my back along the way "


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    I started to notice a huge correlation between my health and condition of my skin when going through thyroid cancer treatment. It was a huge tell-tale sign that my body was under stress. My skin was discoloring, flaking, extremely dry and puffy. Had I not been diagnosed, and understood that my skin was reacting because of internal problems... I may have gone down the route of spending hard earned money on useless products.

    I have recently gone back to study functional medicine. Instead of putting a Band-Aid on an issue, functional medicine believes in finding the root cause(s), in order to begin the healing process. While learning new information, I wanted to apply my knowledge to help you! This inspired me to create an easy skin care manual that everyone, including myself, could benefit from.

    The Skin Glow Challenge is an in-depth program designed to teach you the science behind healthy skin. In just 7 days of completing the challenge, you will learn biological issues that might be harming your skin, foods that harm/heal, supplementation advice, how to detox, the correlation between hormones and skin, and take an extensive look at the current products you are using.

  • - Identifying what is causing your skin problems
  • - Learning what skin protocol is right for you
  • - Ridding the need to buy expensive products
  • - Analyzing your current nutrition and supplementation routine

  • - Biological issues that harm the skin
  • - The “bad” foods that need to be eliminated
  • - How to implement nourishing foods for your skin
  • - Which nutrients are essential for your skin
  • - How to detox your skin
  • - The connection between hormones and your skin
  • - How to research your current skin care products

  • - Women who want to have long-lasting glowing skin
  • - Women who want to find out the root cause of their skin issues
  • - Women who see the merit of having a specific skin-care program, designed by an experienced & qualified coach
  • - Women who see the value of approaching skincare in a structured, methodical manner
  • - Women who want to work with proven concepts that have helped many women rid themselves of the effects of skin issues and transform their lives

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ALL for just $9.99! (+HST)Through this self-guided program, you will get access to the same information that I use with my one-to-one clients!

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As the Skin Care Challenge is a digital product that you download and get to keep on your computer right after purchase, there is no refund nor is there a money-back guarantee. Please read the detailed information above before purchasing.
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