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Jill Bunny

Fractional CMO & Brand Strategist

Helping business owners do extraordinary things is my addiction! Why? They’re savvy-minded forward thinkers, game-changers, and creative innovators pushing the envelope. They’re full of drive, determination, stamina, strength, and resilience. They use their meticulous minds and sharp wits every minute of every day. They create their own jobs and live by their own rules, turn ideas into empires, and make an exponential positive impact in the world around them.

These are the business owners I work with. And my goal is to help these entrepreneurs – like yourself – accomplish extraordinary things. Day after day. How? By providing neuro-psychological marketing tools, tactical insight, and an introspective strategy to unlocking your 2.0 business strategy.

As a former psychotherapist, and neuroscience expert, I’m known for transforming entrepreneurs into authoritative leaders so they have the confidence and skill to transform their company and drive its impact to the 2.0 level.

I don’t just teach the 2.0 entrepreneurial life ; I live it. But only after overcoming…

The 2.0 Business

Making the business and its owner
from the inside out.

Our goals are the same: set your brand apart and start generating positive return from your marketing. But if you’re anything like the entrepreneurs I work with, you know you could be making more impact and revenue. But no matter how hard you work, you always feel behind. Sadly, most business owners turn to the same old solutions: turning on FB ads without a plan, or joining expensive masterminds. But it never works.

That’s why I created The 2.0 Business Formula, an exclusive opportunity to hire a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to level up your business by upgrading your operating systems, brand strategy, and mindset.

Now’s the time to experience explosive growth because you have a strategy you can follow! It’s time to do business… the 2.0 way.

As Your Fractional CMO, We’ll Focuses on Three
Strategies for Accelerated Growth

HW Consulting


2.0 Business Owner: Karen Stanley

The Business:
Creator of the Hypno-Healing Solution and Create Today Podcast

The Results: In the first three months of starting 2.0 Mode, Karen created and filmed her entire signature online course, re-designed her website, and re-launched her book on Amazon. Then came the marketing and sales that have literally catapulted her business earnings!

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The #1 white labeling online course for health and fitness coaches who want a high-ticket program fully branded for their business!

Frustrated that you don’t have a polished online course that you can offer your clients, that will not only jumpstart their path to permanent weight loss, food freedom, and confidence, but will also bring you more income? Own the rights to legally own and brand the 2.0 Neuro-Slim Solution as your own high-ticket course that has brought me over 7-figures in a span of 3 years!

Nero-Slim before and after

The Neuro-Slim 3 Step System changed my life. Not only am I better managing my stress, I’m identifying my stressors and implementing real-time changes that help me stay in control without the risk of self-sabotage. I’m waking up rested, I’m shifting the focus back on my own health and well-being without feeling guilty about it and, for the first time in a long-time I feel like I am successful in all aspects of my life.

Leanne Brown

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