Jill Bunny

The 2.0 Story

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Jill Bunny

Yes, that’s my legal last name…

But that story could get me into some hot water… but be sure to ask me offline!

Point blank… my mission as a Fractional CMO is to help entrepreneurs live out the dream they have for their company, with energy, confidence, and a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, only 5% of entrepreneurs say they’re actually happy with their health, wealth, and relationships.

I’m on a mission to change that… because it’s f*cking worth it! (Yes, I have a potty mouth.)

And I can say that with conviction because…

As a cancer survivor and someone who lives with MS, I know the struggles that can come with life while trying to stay fit, run a thriving business, and maintaining healthy relationships. That’s why I specialize in teaching entrepreneurs to think differently so their 1.0 shitty thoughts no longer hold them back from achieving their long-term business goals. It’s time to live a work-focused life full of confidence, energy, passion, and purpose. Because anything short of that is a wasteful 1.0 life… let me explain.

Jill Bunny

My 1.0 Life


1.0 Life

Thirteen years ago, at 25, I moved back to Canada from the UK, heartbroken. Paired with a devastating divorce, I became jobless, financially broke, and extremely underweight. I quickly ran out of options and had to accept the fact that I needed to move back in with my parents.

In full transparency, I felt like I’d failed at life and had no idea of my future purpose or if I had the strength to keep going.

But, deep down, (and I mean VERY deep down)… I believed I still had something to offer this world, although I didn’t know what it was – YET! Grabbing a fitness magazine and heading down to the lake, I asked myself, “What should I do now?” As I flipped through the pages, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the women being featured. And at that moment, I knew what I was going to do! I’d put in the work (like I did as an elite volleyball player) and become a strong, independent woman by becoming a fitness competitor/model. (I know… I laugh and shake my head, writing this because of its superficiality… but bare with me).

I knew my direction, took action,
and put TIME in the game…

Within 6 years, I did what I set out to do. I graced multiple magazine covers and publications, won 4 IFBB Bikini Titles, and landed numerous sponsorships. I was on top of the world – I had a fit lean body, dominated the competition stage across the globe, and was known as one of the top online fitness coaches.

But in life, as we know, we get thrown unexpected curve balls. Once again, I was not mentally ready for what was about to happen.

Health & Fitness

My 1.0 Life,
Makes Yet
Another Comeback…

In Hospital

The Big C – I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer… not a year after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I lost my identity as an athlete, gained over 50 pounds, and watched my network of people leave me high and dry because I was no longer of “value” or had “status.” This spiraled me into a deep depression.

Yes… I’d pulled myself out of the darkness before, but could I do it again? I saw one major problem; I couldn’t physically push myself through this. I needed to LEVEL UP mentally, yet I didn’t have the skills – YET!

Jill Bunny

The Solution?
Unmasking My 2.0 Life

2.0 Life
2.0 Food

Like most people who experience a major setback, I immersed myself in every self-help book I could find. (a) because I was stubborn to ask for help, (b) I had some serious trust issues, and (c) I was embarrassed and ashamed.

This obsession with mindset eventually led me to invest in more formal education. I specialized in neuroscience and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), obtaining a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and Functional Medicine degree from the IFMHC. The work I put in to learn neuro-psychology saved my LIFE… and I don’t say that lightly. It helped me develop the critical skills to let go of feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and fear, so I could start stacking healthy habits and behaviors to lose my thyroid cancer weight sustainably.

What I didn’t realize was that during that 5-year journey, I’d kicked out my “bad roommate” that was living in my head and replaced her with a kind, non-judgmental powerhouse that I now call my 2.0.

And that badass opened my eyes to the true potential of my extensive skills, education, and experience, which I had been leveraging for over 15 years… Hello Marketing!


Which brings me to
what I do NOW… It’s pretty crazy!

White Label
Weight Loss Consultant

Today, I continue to transform the health and fitness space, but from an entirely different angle. After 15 years of working as a top-tier health coach and entering the online space before it was a “thing,” I’m proud of my most recent evolution. I’ve stepped away from weight loss coaching and devoted my time to helping health and fitness companies make a bigger impact and generate more revenue with the ONLY white-label weight loss mindset program on the market.

The Neuro-Slim Solution, a 3-step proprietary process that helped me lose my cancer weight and negative mindset. Today, this program helps men and women lose weight sustainably while creating their 2.0 Life. It focuses on long-term brain health to help reduce the negative effects dieting can have on cognition – including diseases such as disordered eating, hormonal imbalances, and mood disorders. The best part? Coaches don’t have to reinvent the wheel, go back to school for formal education on neuroplasticity training, or undercharge in order to get paying customers.

You can have a lean body, but what does that matter if you aren’t going to enjoy living in it?


Fractional CMO & Business Consultant

Never say never… and you’ll succeed! Looking back, it took me decades, a small fortune, and some painful hard knocks to compile the tools from multiple disciplines that now make up my (rather unorthodox) system for launching and growing businesses.

Because in the end, that’s what I discovered. There’s a SYSTEM to getting what you desire. You don’t have to waste precious years struggling and then backsliding or sitting on the sidelines wondering what life would be like if only you could make it happen. You can have an outrageously happy and fulfilling life well before retirement age. And besides… you don’t need a top-heavy organization with a marketing agency or full-time CMO on staff. A part-time CMO provides you with the insights and reporting you need without the high price.

My job is to get you there faster, better, and easier, which led to the creation of my Fractional CMO services. This beautiful blend of coaching, consulting, and therapy covers business strategy, marketing, a high-performance mindset, and leadership. You deserve a wildly successful business that allows you the time, freedom, and finances to enjoy whatever you want to do while making a positive ROI in your customers’ lives.

The Difference

1.0 Life 2.0 Life
Favorite Book Feeling Good Traction
Guilty Pleasure Swedish berries & wine West Elm
Pet Peeve Talking while chewing food Business owners that have no work ethic
Workout Routine 7 days a week = 1-2x per day 4 days of weights,
7 day of movement
Obsession The scale & my appearance Making stupid amounts of money for my clients

My life is no highlight reel, but I assure you, it’s not a boring one.



2.0 Life