The 2.0 Business

Making your personal training business

unbreakable, from the inside out.

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Tired of Spinning Your Wheels As a Personal Trainer?

If you’re here, you’re a high performing, growth-minded personal trainer.
You’re committed to being the best, and transforming your clients lives, beyond just the weight scale.
And yes, you’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, joined masterminds, and attended the seminars and conferences.

But you still haven’t achieved the revenue you want,
at least not at the level you were hoping for.

It’s time to think bigger and achieve more for your health coaching business.
The weight loss space needs great trainers. The status quo is no longer an option.
It’s time to take it up a notch… and reach new heights as an industry leader!

Business Uplevelled

Faster growth, greater profits, and an exceptional quality of life are within reach…

  • Stop working IN your business and start working ON your business – UNLOCK the “unfair advantages” and 2.0 strategies that’ll allow you to run your personal training business in a way that’s faster, easier, cheaper, and better.

  • Get seen, get heard, and get PAID for the expertise you bring to the fitness industry – BUILD a strong revenue strategy that aligns with your business values to maximize exposure & profits

  • Master 2.0 mindset – BUILD the tools and mindset that strengthen and transform your personal training business into the 2.0 vision you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Create content that inspires conversation – resulting in higher close rates With your customized, timeless marketing formula

That’s exactly what we’ll accomplish together.
You have the vision, I have the strategy.

Why a Business Coach for Personal Trainers?

Imagine having a psychology and business expert on speed dial- holding the highest level vision for your success possible – acting as your compass and map as you navigate your entrepreneurial career as a personal trainer.

As your business coach, I’ll provide the guidance and support you need to change your thinking and behavior to accelerate outcomes of 2.0 freedom, success, and happiness. Arriving at your 2.0 frees you to accomplish something truly worthwhile: IMPACT!

We need strong-minded personal trainers to create a positive health impact. My mission is to accelerate the careers of such trainers (like you!) with innovative business psychology and timeless system implementation. It’s time to get to work!

The 2.0 Business Mode Approach Focused on
3 Strategies for Accelerated Growth

HW Consulting


2.0 Business Owner: Heather Y.

The Business:

The Results:
When I started with Jill I was generating between $2.5K and $5K per month. NOW, I’m at $10-20K per month! Jill helped me gain clarity on my most important work and plan each week to leverage and produce compounding results.

I started consistently working ON my business, not just IN it. And the craziest thing is I hit my weight loss goal without sacrificing my freedom and sanity! 60lbs down, and 6-figure revenue!

Your 2.0 Business Journey
Will Take You From…

1.0 personal trainer

  • Inconsistently “grinds,” resulting in low sales
  • Makes decisions out of fear

  • Distracted by new ideas
  • Feels isolated & lonely in the process of building their brand
  • Fills day with low-level tasks
  • thinks like a Reaction-based marketer

  • Lacks clarity & connection in the messaging

2.0 personal trainer

  • Operates as a visionary leader

  • Makes decisions based on the market & data

  • creates strong self-discipline to focus on high-level tasks generating $$$

  • speaks with conviction

  • Confident appearance

  • thinks like a Strategy-Based Marketer

  • has a Clear message that converts leads

If you’re ready to cultivate a business mindset and strategy to
become a 2.0 personal trainer…

2.0 Business Mindset
Online Portal…

Access your custom 2.0 portal strategically laid out to cover your business marketing plan, systems/processes, and mindset. It also comes with access to white label The Neuro-Slim Solution- valued at $12K- to help you create, build, and maintain your clients health.

2.0 Business Portal

Working with Jill has given me the strategies and confidence I needed to be the best version of myself, not only in terms of my business earnings, but in all areas of my life. Unlike programs I’ve followed in the past, Jill’s personalized, evidence-based plans incorporate all aspects of health and wellness to ensure a healthy, fun, and sustainable journey to achieving my biggest goals transpired!

Jaclyn Iaquinto

Exclusive Benefits When You Become
a 2.0 Personal Trainer:

  • WEEKLY 1-hour consulting session for 6 months to 1 year

  • guarantee return on investment


  • up to 2 hours of system building AND development every week

  • Quarterly calls with OUR CFO Alison, to review and forecast revenue targets

  • 1 year access to the Neuro-Slim Solution online PORTAL ($12k value)

  • Option to white label and own the neuro-slim solution program

  • lead generation and cycle launch implementation

Jill Bunny

If you can’t stop yourself from wanting more,
get the ultimate business solution here.


2.0 Brand