The #1 white label program for coaches who want to

permanently change their clients’ diet ridden mindsets

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Sick and Tired of Hearing Clients
Obsess Over the Scale & Sabotage Their Efforts?

You and me both! So let’s change that for you. But first, a hard dose or reality…

If I asked one of your clients to write a list of what their 2.0 life would look like,
I guarantee there’ll be one thing MISSING from their list… being on a DIET!

So why do people keep buying weight loss plans that don’t align with what they really want? Because most weight loss coaches are led to believe that those “marketing tactics” work. They DON’T!
And logically, you know that. Or your bank account does. So from this moment forward, become the elite; change the industry; and make an income that matches such status.

Is This Your Client?

  • constantly starting AND stopping diet plans and feeling more and more guilty after each “failed” attempt

  • Struggling to stay committed to Their goal of losing weight and getting control over their body

  • Frustrated that cravings always win, leaving them deflated and feeling like a failure

  • constantly Scrolling on social and searching on Google for information that will be the “answer”

  • Feeling like they can’t enjoy life on a diet…
    the truth is … no one can!

Coach Clients to Achieve & Maintain
Weight Loss Results By:

  • changing the way clients think about dieting through a structured online education portal

  • providing clients your very own mindset toolkit, that they will use long after working with you

  • becoming a certified cbt-fitness health coach

  • Developing an exclusive 1-to-1 signature program ​that focuses on providing a solution

  • having me as your mentor to help you design, implement, and scale your white-label program

2.0 Before and After

Imagine Your Clients:​

Putting an end to the “I will start again Monday” mentality,
and learning how to bounce back if and when obstacles arise.

Teresa Ryce

Working with Jill has given me the strategies and confidence I needed to be the best version of myself, not only in terms of my health and fitness, but in all areas of my life. Unlike programs I’ve followed in the past, Jill’s personalized, evidence-based plans incorporate all aspects of health and wellness to ensure a healthy, fun, and sustainable journey to achieve your biggest goals transpires!

Teresa Ryce

Your Clients Neuro-Slim Journey
Will Take Them From…

1.0 Dieter

  • obsesses over the scale

  • counts calories/macros

  • wastes time putting food journal in an app

  • feels guilty for having a meal that’s not on “plan”

  • feels immense joy planning the weekly cheat meal

  • spends hours in the gym doing cardio & weights

  • Feels like a failure for putting on weight after a vacation

2.0 Freedom

  • Gains FULL freedom over the scale

  • develops an empowering relationship with food

  • remains focused and committed to their goals

  • develops a positive, optimistic mindset

  • confidently eats without constant meal plan changes

  • exercises because it’s a non-negotiable for their health

  • creates a strong social circle

Alisa Before & After
Before and After
Before and After
Kinga Before and After

If you’re ready to provide your clients all the ingredients for success..

2.0 NSL Online Portal…

Your clients will gain access to your white-label Neuro-Slim portal strategically laid out to help them go from surviving to thriving. Equip clients with 2.0 skills taught in the form of videos, worksheets, and digestible reading material valued at $12K to help them create, build, and maintain their 2.0 life beyond weighing themselves and following a rigid diet plan.

Leanne Before and After

The Neuro-Slim 3 Step System changed my life. Not only am I better managing my stress, I’m identifying my stressors and implementing real-time changes that help me stay in control without the risk of self-sabotage. I’m waking up rested, I’m shifting the focus back on my own health and well-being without feeling guilty about it and, for the first time in a long-time I feel like I am successful in all aspects of my life.

Leanne Brown

Why Choose The Neuro-Slim
White-Label Program?

Brain health is the most critical asset to sustainable weight loss. Our brain is the organ of learning, loving and behaving. When our brain works right, we work right.

When your client’s brain is troubled, they’re much more likely to have trouble in their life; especially for losing weight and living the 2.0 life. Unfortunately, many of your clients don’t think about the health of their brains when it comes to losing weight!

The root of most people’s weight struggles is caused by early relationships and experiences that are imprinted in the brain. Relationships and experiences profoundly impact how we think and behave around food, exercise, and the weight scale. But it’s not a death sentence…

I want to help you grow a deeper understanding of how your clients have gotten where they are in their weight loss journey, while focusing on tangible ways to make changes and reach their desired body, without dieting and obsessing over the scale… so they can open their life to new, purpose driven experiences…

Your Neuro-Slim White Label Program Includes:


  • Rights to use The Neuro-Slim Solution online program, including white labeling of the program

  • Build out of your Neuro-Slim program (videos, PDF, worksheets, and portal)

  • Access to 2.0 content gallery of photos and video for marketing

  • Up to 2 hours of strategy & content support (editing, copy, consulting, design) WEEKLY

  • cbt-fitness health coaching certification

The Neuro-Slim Solution
is perfect for your clients if…

Jill Bunny Fitness
  • They Keep losing the same 20lbs over and over again and they want to lose the weight for good

  • they Know *what* to do to lose weight, but just can’t make themselves do it

  • they’re tired of being told exactly what to eat and how to exercise, and believe there’s something better out there that will help them lose weight

  • Already know what the old “eat less, move more” advice DOESN’T WORK for long-term weight loss

Let’s get started!


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