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HW Consulting


2.0 Business Owner: Karen Stanley

The Business:
Creator of the Hypno-Healing Solution and Create Today Podcast

The Results:

When I started with H&W I was generating between $2.5K and $5K per month. NOW, I’m at $10-20K per month!

Since starting H&W, I’ve created my entire signature program, signed 3 (THREE) new clients and it has brought in $14,000 in revenue!! I started with 4,200 subscribers now have 4,680. My audience has also grown 11% since working with Jill.

It’s hard to put into words how impactful working with Jill was with regard to my life and business. She helped me break belief barriers, push myself past my limiting beliefs and stay focused on the things that mattered to move my business forward. Plus, with her health knowledge, I overcame my emotional eating and lost 60+lbs. I recommend working with Jill to anyone who wants more out of their business and life.

Mary Shoope

HW Consulting


2.0 Business Owner: Heather

The Business:
Founder of the Badass Reset Method: an online boutique health coaching service, white labeling the Neuro-Slim Solution.

The Results:

By Heather white labeling The Neuro-Slim Solution course, it saved her time and money because she no longer needed to hire an additional coach to re-create what’s already out there… and working!

We also built her new signature programming, including the onboarding process and retention strategy. Using the Neuro-Slim has helped her raise her prices to a high-ticket item!

When I started with Jill, I relied on social media to generate clients – yah it wasn’t working! Within two months, we built my website, created the customer journey roadmap, signature packages, and the first inked me launch strategy that has generated 15 satisfied clients.

Jaclyn Iaquinto

HW Consulting


2.0 Business Owner: Krysta Olson

The Business:
Founder of the Just Start Solution

The Results:
Entrepreneurs deal with a lot of uncertainty, which can be tremendous fuel for opportunity or paralysis, depending on your mindset. Jill’s been an anchor of consistency, stability, and guidance, allowing me to navigate the uncertainty and act confidently.

I’d recommend Jill to any business owner. You’ll have to wear many hats and pick up many entrepreneurial skills, but the most important investment you can make is in yourself. The 2.0 formula has been a practical, concrete way for me to do that.

While I am wearing all the hats at the moment, Jill slows down the overwhelming stress and maps out my immediate next steps so I am not drowning in my own thoughts.

Lisa Calhoun

Lisa Calhoun

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Leanne Before and After

The Neuro-Slim 3 Step System changed my life. Not only am I better managing my stress, I’m identifying my stressors and implementing real-time changes that help me stay in control without the risk of self-sabotage. I’m waking up rested, I’m shifting the focus back on my own health and well-being without feeling guilty about it and, for the first time in a long-time I feel like I am successful in all aspects of my life.


2.0 Neuro-Slimmer: Stephanie H.

The Results:
Jill Bunny and the Neuro-Slim program have changed my life. We can all lose weight; that’s not the difficult part. Having a coach and program to support the mindset component and teach me how to make sustainable changes has been invaluable.

My movement routine works with my schedule; it wasn’t designed as a quick fix. I now understand how nutrition affects my overall well-being, and Jill has been instrumental in my disordered eating recovery. I feel stronger physically and emotionally, and most importantly, I feel healthier than I have in years.


aristea before and after

I have lost a substantial amount of weight, and yes I am happy – but not as happy as I feel, for the first time in my life. I now believe that I am good enough, I am in control of my food and exercise, and do not have to feel deprived and restricted to look good!


2.0 Neuro-Slimmer: Mary

The Results:
With my weight being one of, if not my biggest, “life challenges,” I’ve tried numerous diets over the past 20 years. To date, the success that I’ve achieved on Neuro-Slim has never been matched. I haven’t felt this physically good in decades. Not to mention the vast improvement in my self-esteem and the motivation to reach my 2.0 life – beyond the scale! NSL has worked like no other program because it’s more than just about weight loss. It’s also about changing how you feel about yourself, which makes it easier to make better and healthier decisions on how and what you eat. Lastly, but just as important, Jill is incredible. She’s very knowledgeable, professional, and a nice, cool person! She always makes me feel important and genuinely enjoys hearing about your day-to-day experiences. It’s been a wonderful and life-changing experience!



Jill and I worked together at the end of 2021 for three months while I was in a significant health crisis. Jill helped me optimize my energy, prioritize and focus on lasting change. Not weight. As my health improved I reached out again and have been working with her for for months designing my 2.0 life. Her courses, guidance and advice are life changing. One of my goals is definitely weight loss but we rarely discuss it. We focus on living my best life in all areas, setting boundaries, practical solutions for my long work hours, meal prepping and yes I have great training plans and food guides to feel good! I’ve decided to continue on for another year as I’m making amazing progress. Having Jill in my corner is the first time in 7 years I’ve felt hope and seen true change in my body and life. She’s invaluable.




Working with Jill has given me the strategies and confidence I need to be the best version of myself, not only in terms of my health but in business. Unlike other programs, Jill’s personalized, evidence-based plans incorporate all aspects of health and wellness to ensure a healthy, fun, and sustainable journey is within reach.

Age: 57 Chef and Life Coach



Neuro-Slim has worked like no other program because it’s more than just about weight loss. It’s also about changing how you feel about yourself which makes it easier to make better and more healthier decisions on how and what you eat.

Age: 49 Business Owner



For over 30 years I have experienced a dysfunctional relationship with food. I have tried every diet known to man, every exercise program and book I could find that had info to help me. I had no idea that the power to get beyond this was ALL IN MY HEAD.

Age: 62 Sick Kids Nurse



I now have a much better relationship with food and exercise; I am of a healthy weight and fitter at 64 than I was at 30! But more importantly, I realize what triggers my condition; and above all else, I have learned to prioritize my own happiness, accepting imperfections in myself. This is what cured my lifetime of yo-yo dieting behaviours.

Age: 64 Co-Owner of No Frills

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